Managing your task list easily

Clean Todo is an efficient and elegant to-do App

The Benefits of Clean Todo

Simplified To-do list

You only need to manage two lists: "Today" and "to-do". Easy and simple, it helps you save time for something more worthwhile.

Enhanced tag management

It’s very easy to create and filter tags. All your tasks are well organized.


Provides a quick review of tasks in any week and allows you to export a report.

Flip Card

With the streamlined Flip Card, you can focus on only one thing, clear your list of tasks one by one.

Quickly set Due Date

Automatically adds events to Calendar, and you will receive alerts even in flight mode.

Data synch

Keeps the content on multiple devices totally in sync.

Two clear lists: "Today" and "To-do"

Today List

Records the things you’re going to do today, or anything you wish to do first.

To-do List

Records all the other tasks. With just one click, you can move items to the Today list.

  • Weekly Review

    You can check tasks you’ve completed in any week, and export an Excel file for further processing.

  • Task Details

    Click on a particular day to get a detailed list of the tasks you’ve already completed in the day.

  • Date/Tag

    You can check tasks in any week. You can also check statistics on different categories of tasks through tags.

Too many tasks? Use Tag now

You can easily filter out tasks using one or more tags.

Enter a tag in a simple way

You can create a task quickly by entering a tag or choosing an existing tag. For each task, you can choose one or more tags.

Enhanced filtering efficiency

Click any tag on a task for filtering -- never so easy before.

Flip Card

Too many tasks? Try "Flip Card" mode. You can flip through and complete tasks one by one. This helps you focus on the present task.

Quickly set Due Date

You can create a task reminder on Clean Todo, which will be added to Calendar App. As an native App, Calendar works reliably and can give alerts even without Internet connection.

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